Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The CZ Single Set Trigger System

A lifetime of hunting will expose you to a multitude of situations.  You will be presented with fleeting opportunities that require a quick shot and when hunting dangerous game you must be prepared for the life or death shot to stop a charge. On the other hand, most shots will give you the opportunity to shoot from a more stable position such as a rest, shooting sticks or a practiced kneeling or prone position. The CZ single set trigger (SST) system featured on 453, 527 and 550 models provides the shooter with the options to effectively handle any shooting situation they are presented with.

The SST allows for both a standard hunting trigger and a light target trigger in the same rifle. By operating the rifle in the same manner as any other bolt-action, the trigger is in the “standard” mode with the heavier of the two trigger pulls. By simply pushing the trigger forward until it “clicks” the crisp and light target trigger mode is set.The standard trigger is adjustable for weight, creep and over-travel.  The set trigger function is only adjustable for weight, but always breaks like glass. Many shooters will tell you that the single set trigger is a better aid to accuracy than a thousand dollar scope.

CZ SST “Perfect Pull” Trigger Adjustment
Tools required:  6mm wrench, 7mm wrench, one very small and one large common flathead screwdriver
“A” (standard trigger pull weight), “B” (creep), “C” (over-travel) and “D” (Set trigger pull weight).
  • Make sure magazine and chamber are empty.
  • Remove the stock from the barreled action.
  • Cock the rifle then, adjust screw “B” in until it fires, back off ¼ turn.
  • Loosen locking nut and remove screw “C” to allow easy access to screw “A”
  • Adjust screw “A” to desired poundage and tighten the lock nut (ensuring that the screw position does not change).
  • Replace screw “C”, turn it all the way in then back it out while pulling trigger until fires, then back out an additional ¼ turn, then tighten the lock nut for screw “C” down (ensuring that the screw position does not change).

Set Trigger Adjustment and Operation
To adjust the set trigger weight, adjust screw “D” in to lighten and out to make heavier. If you prefer to completely disable the set function, turn screw “D” all the way in until the rifle fires, then back off 1/4 turn.
An activated set-trigger is very sensitive to shock and during handling could unintentionally discharge if the set trigger is adjusted with too little travel. The safety of the SST adjustment can be checked with the rifle unloaded by repeated opening and closing of the bolt combined with moving of the safety to its “ON” and “OFF” positions in both set and unset modes. If the set trigger adjustment (engagement screw “D”) is too light, it will go off when doing this.  In this case, add more travel to the set trigger adjustment until it does not simultaneously go off. (DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt trigger adjustments unless you are confident in your ability to follow instructions for adjustments and safe operation.)
For safety, activate the set-trigger only after the rifle is loaded and when in position for the shot with safety in the off position. Do not carry your rifle with an activated set-trigger! If you have activated the set-trigger and you do not immediately take the shot, keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction and with the safety on, squeeze the trigger.
This process will get you very close to the best trigger pull possible with only slight adjustments needed, if any, to get it to the “Perfect Pull” for you.