Monday, November 28, 2011

Accuracy Comparisons Between Models

Questions regarding accuracy comparisons between different CZ rifles are often asked. The answer is simple, all CZ rifles have the same quality premium hammer forged CZ barrel.  The barrels are lapped at the factory for accuracy, eliminating the need for a “break in” period. This being said there are several factors influencing the accuracy realized from each individual rifle
Varmint vs. American – While the barrels of both the CZ varmint and sporter weight models are of the same high quality, the varmint being the heavier and stiffer of the two is more forgiving over a wider range of loads than the thinner barreled sporter weight models. For example, given a selection of 10 different .22LR loads from various manufacturers, the varmint weight barrel will shoot to the best accuracy potential with 4 of the loads and it shoots another 3 of the loads very well. In general, the sporter weight barrel will be more sensitive to differences between the loads. Typically out of the same 10 different loads tested with the varmint weight barrel, it will only shoot at its best with 2 of the loads, while another 3 or 4 will shoot acceptably. Typically there will be a few loads each individual rifle really likes and a few the rifle really doesn’t like, with the rest falling somewhere in the middle. By starting with a quality action and premium barrel, the odds are stacked in your favor, making the search for the best accuracy combination easier.
When using iron sights, a longer sight radius provides the capability for more precise aiming, which typically results in better accuracy given equivalent rifles. The fine crosshairs and magnification advantage provided by a quality scope will allow for even more precise aiming than a long sight radius. Shorter barrels are stiffer and inherently more accurate than longer barrels of the same diameter, so if the rifle will typically be shot with optics, the shorter barrel should have the accuracy advantage.
The trigger should not be discounted as it contributes considerably to the ability of the shooter to be accurate. The light, crisp pull of the CZ single set trigger found on the 453, 527 and 550 models is a great asset to the accuracy potential of the shooter. Even when not used in the target or “set” mode, the SST system provides for a standard trigger adjustable for creep, over-travel and weight of pull. The non SST triggers on the CZ 557 and 750 models are also fully adjustable for creep, over-travel and weight of pull. The triggers of the 455 and 452 lines provide smooth, weight adjustable pulls. Even though most CZ rifles are equipped with adjustable triggers, it is important to keep the competency level of the shooter in mind when setting up the rifle. While a crisp or smooth pull will be helpful to all shooters, triggers should only be adjusted to lighter weights as the skill of the shooter becomes more advanced.
Of course, the shooter is ultimately the largest factor in the accuracy realized on the target. Even the best equipment doesn’t replace the skills and knowledge gained through practice.