Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures is an international hunting and adventure series with episodes from the most remote areas of all the continents.

The show is hosted by professional hunter and explorer, Cliff Tulpa. Each episode follows his quest to hunt all the big game species. At this time, Cliff has taken over 180 big game species and many of those have been filmed for this series. Cliff talks about his choices and experience with equipment and many tips for both the local and traveling sportsman throughoug the show as well.

WOA TV also gives a unique view of the remote destinations featured on the show through local people, customs, food, drink. and traditions.

Cliff uses several different CZ rifles on his hunting expeditions throughout the world. For the Dangerous Game of the World, including the Dangerous 7 of Africa and the huge Bears of the World, Cliff uses the CZ-USA Safari Classics rifle in .458 Lott caliber and the CZ-USA Safari Classics in .416 Rigby caliber. For long range shooting on medium to large size big game animals, including the mountain species like Sheep and Ibex, Cliff uses the CZ-USA 550 Ultimate Hunting rifle in .300 Win Mag. caliber. On the smaller sized game animals, Cliff uses the CZ-USA 550 American in .243 caliber. For wingshooting ducks and geese, Cliff’s choice is the CZ-USA Woodcock Over-Under model in 12 gauge and for high volume doves he uses the CZ-USA semi-auto shotgun in 20 gauge.

Some of the upcoming episodes include hunts in Mozambique where Cliff was joined by Jason Morton to hunt the Southern Cape Buffalo while on foot in the tall grass. Using the CZ-USA Safari Classic in .416 Rigby, both Jason and Cliff take fine trophy Cape Buffalo!

"For long range accuracy, I completely trust the CZ-USA Ultimate Hunting Rifle. It consistently provides me with almost one hole groups. That kind of accuracy is exactly what I need when everything is on the line for that one shot opportunity!" -Cliff Tulpa

PURSUIT CHANNEL (DirecTV channel 608) Thursday 10:00PM EST, Saturday 8:00pm EST

WILD TV - (Satellite and Cable networks across Canada)Wednesday 10:00AM EST, Thursday 8:30am EST, Friday 11pm EST.FANZ TV - local cable networks.Also on many local broadcast and cable channels from Satellite Feed

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