Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 CMP National Rimfire Sporter Championship

Competitors shooting the CZ 452 dominated O-Class at Camp Perry this weekend.

There are some very interesting things that the match results show us, I think you will agree, but first I want to recognize some very impressive performances by CZ 452 shooters.

Congratulations to CSM Steven Slee, USAR. Steven won the O-Class (open sights) at the CMP National Rimfire Sporter Championship this weekend at Camp Perry. Steven wasn’t the only person shooting a CZ rifle that did well, Charles and David shot their way to the top of their classes also. Charles is the 2009 O-Class Junior Champion and David is the 2009 O-Class Senior Champion. Ron took 3rd place in T-Class (telescopic sights), making him the highest placing CZ shooter in T-Class.


The CZ 452 was the most popular model in O-Class. 42 shooters competed with the CZ 452 out of 157 registered shooters. Out of the 157, 16 didn’t participate in the equipment survey leaving us 141 rifles identified. Based on that info more than one third of the competitors picked CZ to give them the best performance possible in a national championship match!

CZ rifles were used by 15 of the top 18 shooters. (shooters using H&K, Remington, and TC took places 5, 9, and 16 respectively)

Making this more impressive is that while CZ was the most popular rifle, it was not even close to being the majority represented manufacturer. Almost 2 out of every 3 shooters shot non CZ rifles. Ruger had an impressive showing with 30% shooting their rifles, and their top shooter taking 19th place. Other makes that had a good following were Remington with 10%, TC with 9%, and Marlin with 7%.

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